HIT8 — VMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure Troubleshooting


HIT8 - VMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure Troubleshooting

Course Overview

This three-day, hands-on training provides you with the advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to troubleshoot VMware Horizon® 8 infrastructure. This workshop teaches the required skill and competence for troubleshooting VMware Horizon® Connection Server™, VMware Unified Access Gateway™, protocols, connections, and certificates.

Who should attend

System administrators
System integrators
This course is part of the following Certifications:

VMware Certified Professional ‒ Desktop Management 2023
VMware Certified Advanced Professional ‒ Desktop Management Design 2023
VMware Certified Advanced Professional ‒ Desktop Management Deploy 2023


This course requires completion of one of the following:

VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage (HDM8)
VMware Horizon 7: Install, Configure, Mange

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

Discuss Horizon Connection Server advanced configurations
List troubleshooting techniques for Horizon Connection Server common issues
Interpret Horizon 8 Connection Server logs
Identify Unified Access Gateway configuration and certificate issues
List troubleshooting steps for Unified Access Gateway common issues
Describe BLAST configuration verification using logs and settings
Describe BLAST optimization recommendations for different use cases
Describe Horizon 8 Connections and how to troubleshoot related issues
Describe Horizon 8 certificates
List troubleshooting steps for common issues with Horizon 8 certificates
Leverage Horizon infrastructure troubleshooting steps to resolve issues

Course Outline

Course Introduction

Introduction and course logistics
Course objectives

Horizon Connection Server Troubleshooting

Discuss Horizon Connection Server general troubleshooting techniques
Identity Horizon Connection Server common issues through logs
Describe AD LDS replication
Discuss Horizon Connection Server replication common issues
Review and Interpret Horizon Connection Server logs
Compare successful and unsuccessful logs from everyday infrastructure administration tasks

Unified Access Gateway Troubleshooting

List and identify common Unified Access Gateway deployment issues
Monitor the Unified Access Gateway deployment to identify health and issues
Identify and troubleshoot Unified Access Gateway certificate issues
Monitor, test, and troubleshoot network problems
Discuss general Unified Access Gateway troubleshooting processes

BLAST Configuration Verification

Discuss BLAST Codecs and Encoder Switch settings.
Describe how to verify BLAST configuration using logs and settings

BLAST Optimization

List general BLAST optimization recommendations
Summarize BLAST tuning recommendations that apply to WAN connections
Summarize BLAST tuning recommendations that apply to work-from-home and home-office-to-cloud use cases
Describe recommended tuning options to increase display protocol quality for all use cases and applications.

VMware Horizon Connections Troubleshooting

Explain Horizon connections
Describe the role of Primary and Secondary protocols in Horizon connections
Describe HTML client access connections
Describe Horizon connections load balancing
Describe timeout settings, supported health monitoring string, and suitable load balancer persistence values
Identify troubleshooting steps for failing Horizon load balancer connections
List troubleshooting steps for Horizon connections

VMware Horizon Certificates Troubleshooting

List Horizon certificate functions
Describe Horizon certificates scenarios.
Discuss potential challenges related to certificates in Horizon
Describe the troubleshooting approach to Horizon certificate issues

VMware Horizon Challenge Lab

Leverage Horizon infrastructure troubleshooting steps to resolve issues




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Длительность: 3 дня (24 часа)
Код курса: HIT8

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