9L130 – i2 iBase Essentials


9L130 - i2 iBase Essentials

Course Description

This basic hands-on 5-day workshop focuses on creating association and temporal charts using i2 Analyst’s Notebook from data within i2 iBase.

Emphasis is placed on learning the user side of iBase and how it works with Analyst’s Notebook as one complementary suite. A combination of lecture, hands-on work and exercises teaches the functionality of iBase and the basic functions of i2 Analyst’s Notebook necessary for working with both of these tools to maximize analytical results and impact.

This workshop does not teach how to import files into Analyst’s Notebook. It does teach basic importing into the iBase database.


Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to use i2 Analyst’s Notebook and i2 iBase together as a seamless, synergistic unit to power more effective and timely analysis while sharing that information within an organization
The ability to populate an iBase database both manually and via the import feature
The ability to query an i2 iBase database and use its other analysis functions to produce actionable leads
The ability to visualize data from i2 iBase in i2 Analyst’s Notebook to produce charts for association and temporal analysis as well as for presentation
The ability to use the analysis features unique to i2 Analyst’s Notebook such as list items, visual search and social network analysis on data sent to it from an i2 iBase database


This basic course is for:

Analysts or Database Designers/Administrators whose organization is implementing an i2 Analyst’s Workstation or i2 iBase solution
Analysts or Database Designers/Administrators newly joining an organization that has implemented an i2 Analyst’s Workstation or i2 iBase solution
If you have already taken i2 Analyst’s Notebook Level 1, you should take i2 iBase User rather than Charting with i2 iBase Databases.


You should have:

Familiarity with using WindowsÂ
Basic understanding of analysis techniques


The fundamentals of link analysis and how they are the basis of both i2 Analyst’s Notebook and i2 iBase
How to create a chart manually in i2 Analyst’s Notebook and the different parts of entities and links
Using i2 Analyst’s Notebook’s fundamental analysis features of list item, text search and visual search
How iBase is different than other databases and how it works to visualize data in i2 Analyst’s Notebook for associative or temporal analysis
How to add, edit and delete records in iBase
How to create queries in iBase and visualize their results
How to use Sets and Scored Matching in i2 iBase to identity targets
Perform basic imports or data sets into an i2 iBase database
Use Search 360 in an iBase database
Creating reports from your iBase database

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Длительность: 2 дня (16 часов)
Код курса: 9L130

Стоимость обучения.
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