HCIP-Storage V5.5


HCIP-Storage V5.5


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:
Know about Product overview
Know Software and hardware architecture
Understand Key technologies
Understand Value-added features
Know Typical application scenarios
Understand the installation process of storage products
Understand the service configuration process of storage products
Understand concepts related to storage performance
Have general knowledge of storage performance evaluation methods
Understand the methods of locating storage system performance problems
Have a good command of storage system performance tuning methods
Have a good command of storage system performance tests and tool usage
Understand how to use storage O&M management tools
Understand routine storage management operations
Understand the basics of storage system troubleshooting
Understand the procedures for troubleshooting a storage system
Understand different ways to troubleshoot a storage system
Understand how to replace parts

Target Audience

Those who want to be storage engineer
Those who want to achieve HCIP-Storage certification
Administrator of storage array


Understand basic network knowledge
Understand computer components
Understand the basic knowledge of the Windows and Linux operating systems
Have a good command of HCIA-Storage

Training Content

Storage Technologies and Applications

Flash Storage Technologies and Applications

Product overview
Software and hardware architecture
Key technologies
Value-added features
Typical application scenarios

Data Protection Technologies and Applications

OceanProtect backup storage
OceanStor BCManager
Typical application scenarios

Scale-Out Storage Technologies and Applications

Concepts and development trends of scale-out storage
Software and hardware architectures of OceanStor Pacific products
Key technologies of OceanStor Pacific products
Key features of OceanStor Pacific products
Application scenarios of OceanStor Pacific products

Storage Product Deployment

Flash Storage Product Installation
Flash Storage Service Configuration

Scale-Out Storage Product Deployment

Hardware Installation Process
Network Planning
Software Installation Process
Service Configuration

Storage System Performance Tuning

Storage Performance Overview
Storage Performance Evaluation
Storage Performance Problems
Storage Performance Tuning
Storage Performance Test

Storage System O&M and Troubleshooting

Storage System O&M Management
Storage System O&M Management Tools
Routine Management

Storage System Troubleshooting

Basics of Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Procedure
Collecting Information and Reporting a Fault
Replacing Parts
Case Analysis

Записаться на курс

Длительность: 5 дней (40 часов)
Код курса: HCIPST

Стоимость обучения.
Очный формат: 959 000 ₸
Онлайн формат: 911 000 ₸

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