HCIAT — HCIA-Transmission Training V2.5


HCIAT - HCIA-Transmission Training V2.5

Course Objectives

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:
Describe transmission network concepts.
Understand main transmission network technologies.
Understand Huawei transmission network solutions.
Understand the application scenarios of SDH networks.
Describe the SDH frame structure and the functions of each component.
Be familiar with the procedure for multiplexing SDH signals.
Describe the major overhead bytes and alarms of the SDH frame structure.
Describe the pointers and functions of the SDH frame structure.
Understand the composition of the logical functional modules of SDH devices.
Understand the PCM technology and its solutions.
Describe the positioning and application scenarios of Huawei OptiXtrans E9600/E6600 series and OptiXtrans DC908.
Understand the appearance and cabinets of Huawei OptiXtrans E9600/E6600 series and OptiXtrans DC908.
List the boards and functions of Huawei OptiXtrans E9600/E6600 series and OptiXtrans DC908.
Understand the basic knowledge of NCE-T, such as product positioning, architecture, and deployment solutions.
Describe the functions of NCE-T, such as network management and optical service provisioning.
Describe the classification and basic concepts of Ethernet.
Describe the working mechanisms of VLAN and Layer 2 switches.
Explain the concatenation and encapsulation technologies of Ethernet.
Describe the application scenarios of Ethernet services.
Distinguish Ethernet service types.
Describe Ethernet features.
Understand the basic concepts, principles, transmission modes, and basic composition of WDM.
Know the WDM transmission media.
Have a good command of WDM technical principles and key technologies.
List NG WDM site types.
Describe the signal flows of different types of NG WDM sites.
Describe the application scenarios of NG WDM sites.
List the basic elements of NG WDM networking.
Understand positions and functions of different overheads at each OTN layer.
Understand basic functions of OTN electrical-layer overheads.
Understand how OTN electrical-layer alarms are generated and learn how to use electrical-layer overheads to analyze and locate faults.
Understand the basic concepts of transmission network protection.
Understand device-level protection of the transmission network.
Distinguish linear protection from ring protection supported by SDH products.
Understand optical-layer protection supported by NG WDM products.
Understand electrical-layer protection supported by NG WDM products.
Understand PCM protection.
Complete Equipment Commissioning
Perform TDM Service Configuration
Perform Ethernet Service Configuration
Perform PCM Service Configuration
Perform OTN Electrical-Layer Service Configuration
Perform OptiXtrans DC908 Service Configuration
Perform NG WDM Optical-Layer Protection Configuration


Having a general knowledge of telecommunications

Target Audience

Personnel who are going to take HCIA-Transmission exam
Personnel who expect to learn about basic optical transmission principles and Huawei SDH equipment operation

Training Content

Transmission Network Overview

Basic Concepts of Transmission Networks
Transmission Network Technologies
Huawei Transmission Network Solutions

SDH Principles

SDH Overview
SDH Frame Structure and Multiplexing Procedure
Overheads and Pointers
Logical Functional Modules
Application of SDH Trail Layers and Overheads
PCM Technology

Transmission Network Products

Product Overview
Cabinets and Subracks
Introduction to NCE-T
System Architecture of NCE-T
Basic Functions of NCE-T
Key Features of NCE-T

Introduction to Ethernet Principles and Services

Ethernet Principles
Ethernet Services

WDM Principles

System Overview
WDM Transmission Media
Key Technologies of WDM

NG WDM Equipment Networking and Applications

Network Layers and System Architecture
Site Types
Basic Networking Elements
OTN Protocol
OTN Overview
OTN Interface Structures and Multiplexing/Mapping Principles
OTN Frame Structure
Frame Structure and Meaning of OTN Electrical-Layer Overheads
Evolution to Liquid OTN

Transmission Network Protection Principles

Device-Level Protection
Network-Level Protection

HCIA-Transmission Lab Guide

Equipment Commissioning
TDM Service Configuration
Ethernet Service Configuration
PCM Service Configuration
OTN Electrical-Layer Service Configuration
OptiXtrans DC908 Service Configuration
NG WDM Optical-Layer Protection Configuration

Записаться на курс

Длительность: 5 дней (40 часов)
Код курса: HCIAT

Стоимость обучения.
Очный формат: 1 250 000 ₸
Онлайн формат: 1 063 000 ₸

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