UCSDF – Cisco UCS Director Foundation


UCSDF - Cisco UCS Director Foundation

Длительность обучения:
Instructor-led training: 3 days in the classroom with hands-on lab practice
Virtual instructor-led training: 3 days of web-based classes with hands-on lab practice

Кому следует посетить:
Data center architects
Cloud infrastructure architects
Network engineers
System administrators
Storage administrators
System engineers who work in data center solutions and manage data center management policies
Cisco integrators and partners

Предварительные требования:
To fully benefit from this course, you should have the following knowledge before attending:
General knowledge of cloud and data center virtualization
Knowledge of Cisco UCS, NetApp storage, Cisco Nexus® switches, and VMware vCenter
Knowledge of data center processes and best practices

Программа курса:
After taking this course, you should be able to:
Understand Cisco UCS Director architecture
Understand deployment models of Cisco UCS Director
Configure virtual data centers, policies, and catalogs
Understand the unified infrastructure management capabilities of Cisco UCS Director
Understand orchestration and build advanced workflows
Understand application containers

This class includes lecture sections and some self-study sections. In instructor-led classes, lectures are delivered in real-time, either in person or via video conferencing. In e-learning classes, the lectures are on recorded videos

Записаться на курс

Длительность: 3 дня (24 часа)
Код курса: UCSDF

Стоимость обучения.
Очный формат: 406 000 ₸
Онлайн формат: 386 000 ₸

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