AMA34 -Video Streaming Essentials for AWS Media Services


AMA34 -Video Streaming Essentials for AWS Media Services

Course description

In this course, you will learn best practices for designing and using cloud-based video workflows. It covers
important concepts related to video processing and delivery, the variables that can impact migration
decisions, and real-world examples of hybrid and cloud use cases for AWS Media Services. It also introduces
security, machine learning, and analytics concepts to help you consider how AWS Media Services fit into
your overall cloud strategy.


This course includes presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on labs.

Course objectives

In this course, you will learn to:
Articulate the essential terms and concepts fundamental to making video streaming workflow
decisions, including video metrics, compression, distribution, and protocols.
Describe the four fundamental stages of video streaming workflows: ingest, process, store, and
Describe which AWS services can be used in each stage of a video streaming workflow,
including ingest, processing, storage, and delivery.
Analyze video streaming workflow diagrams using AWS services, based on simple to complex
use cases.
Recognize the key variables that influence workflow decisions.
Recognize how AWS services for compliance, storage, and compute interact with AWS Media
Services in video streaming workflows and the functions they perform.
Use the AWS Management Console to build and run simple video streaming workflows for live
and video-on-demand content.
Recognize the automation and data analytics available for Media Services when used with
AWS Machine Learning and explore media-specific use cases for these services.
Explain the importance of security in the AWS Cloud and how it is applied in video streaming

Intended audience

This course is intended for individuals who work in or are considering migration to AWS Media Services,
including those in the following roles:
Video Operator/Engineer
Project Manager/Engineer


We strongly recommend learners complete the required prerequisites prior to class, and suggest
completion of the optional prerequisites for an optimal experience.
Video Streaming Concepts: AWS Media Services
Introduction to AWS Media Services by Use Case
AWS Technical Essentials (digital or classroom)

Course outline

Day 1
Module 1: Important Video Concepts

Resolution, bitrate, frame rate, latency, and compression
Codecs and containers
Group of pictures (GOP) encoding
ABR, packaging and distribution
Internet protocols used in video streaming

Module 2: Anatomy of Streaming Workflows

Four stages of video streaming
Variables that affect design decisions

Module 3: Using AWS Services in Video-on-Demand (VOD) Workflows

Converting a film or tape library for internet streaming
Increasing reach and accessibility using multiple languages and captions
Streaming edited highlights from a live event
Analyzing and tagging VOD files for media content analysis using machine learning and
data analytics

Day 2
Module 4: Optimizing Workflows

Migrating to the cloud
Cloud financial management

Module 5: Using AWS Services in Live Workflows

Challenges of live streaming
Live streaming a simple interview show
Live streaming a major sporting event to a global audience
Live switching between multiple inputs
Saving segments from a live show to create VOD segments

Module 6: Recap and Review

Module 7: Next Steps

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