AMA06 — Authoring Visual Analytics Using Amazon QuickSight


AMA06 - Authoring Visual Analytics Using Amazon QuickSight

Course description

In this course, you will build a data visualization solution using Amazon QuickSight. QuickSight allows
everyone in your organization to understand your data by exploring through interactive dashboards, asking
questions in natural language, or automatically looking for patterns and outliers powered by machine
learning. This course focuses on connecting to data sources, building visuals, designing interactivity, and
creating calculations. You will learn how to apply security best practices to your analyses. You will also
explore the machine learning capabilities built into QuickSight.


This course includes presentations, demonstrations, group exercises, and practice and challenge labs.

Course objectives

In this course, you will learn to:
Explain the benefits, use cases, and key features of Amazon QuickSight
Design, create, and customize QuickSight dashboards to visualize data and extract business insights from it
Select and configure appropriate visualization types to identify, explore, and drill down on business insights
Describe how to use one-click embed to incorporate analytics into applications
Connect, transform, and prepare data for dashboarding consumption
Perform advanced data calculations on QuickSight analyses
Describe the security mechanisms available for Amazon QuickSight
Apply fine-grained access control to a dataset
Implement machine learning on data sets for anomaly detection and forecasting
Explain the benefits and key features of QuickSight Q to enhance the dashboard user experience

Intended audience

This course is intended for:
Data and business analysts who build and manage business analytics dashboards


Students with a minimum one-year experience authoring visual analytics will benefit from this course. We recommend that attendees of this course have:

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Completed Data Analytics Fundamentals

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Course outline

Module 1: Introduction and Overview of Amazon QuickSight

Introducing Amazon QuickSight
Why use Amazon QuickSight for data visualization

Module 2: Getting Started with Amazon QuickSight

Interacting with Amazon QuickSight
Loading data into Amazon QuickSight
Visualizing data in Amazon QuickSight
Demonstration: Walkthrough of Amazon QuickSight interface
Practice Lab: Create your first dashboard

Module 3: Enhancing and Adding Interactivity to Your Dashboard

Enhancing your dashboard
Demonstration: Optimize the size, layout, and aesthetics of a dashboard
Enhancing visualizations with interactivity
Demonstration: Walkthrough of dashboard interactivity features
Practice Lab: Enhancing your dashboard

Module 4: Preparing Datasets for Analysis

Working with datasets
Demonstration: Transform your datasets for analysis
Practice Lab: Preparing data for analysis

Module 5: Performing Advanced Data Calculations

Transform data using advanced calculations
Practice Lab: Performing advanced data calculations
Activity: Designing a Visual Analytics Solution

Day 2
Module 6: Overview of Amazon QuickSight Security and Access Control

Overview of Amazon QuickSight security and access control
Dataset access control in Amazon QuickSight
Lab: Implementing access control in Amazon QuickSight visualizations

Module 7: Exploring machine learning capabilities

Introducing Machine Learning (ML) insights
Natural Language Query with QuickSight Q
Demonstration: Using QuickSight Q
Lab: Using machine learning for anomaly detection and forecasting
End of day challenge labs
Join data sources together
Create a dashboard
Enhance the dashboard and add interactivity
Perform advanced data calculations
Integrate machine learning tools into the dashboard

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